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Dominique Vacher is the owner of                  .  He  has 20 years’ experience in the field of management. He was  HR Director in a Business unit of 2,000 employees, and has expanded for more than 14 years expertise in the field of occupational health and safety in a large French utility. 

Professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in the health and safety department, he also transmits his experience and convictions in “Grandes Ecoles” such as Sciences Po, Sup de CO, and other prestigious university. 

Under all of these responsibilities he:

-  is a member of the Electricity Section of the ISSA (International Social Security Associationof which he was the Vice President for several years
-   chaired for over 10 years the health and safety task force of the European Centre of Public Enterprises (CEEP: social partner of the European Commission) ,  being a member of the Business Europe OSH working group (social partner of the European Commission representing private employers) . These experiences have allowed him to  acquire a European vision for OHS issues,
-  leads in France a large network  (GEPI) of OSH Directors from over 100 major French and foreign companies
- contributed for many years to the work of the French Association for Standardization (AFNOR), particularly in the area of ​​Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility and the principles and management practices related to it, as well as risk assessment Approaches.

The scope of the latter led him, as part of the Institute of Quality Management, to be the co-author of the FAR RS method for taking into account sustainable development issues into businesses’ strategy, especially for very small and medium enterprises. In this context and with the support of the Ministry of Industry, he trained over 120 French consultants to this method.

In recent years, he has widely lectured on all these subjects (ISSA Luxembourg 2007: ISSA Prague 2012; SISE Paraguay 2012; ENA SHE Manchester 2013 Helsinki ISSA 2013 ISSA Dusseldorf 2013 ISSA Luxembourg 2013; ICOLIM Budapest 2014: 
1st OSH congress in Alger 2017; 2nd OSH ELDER congress in Antalya 2018; ISSA OSH Symposium in Frankfort 2018; 9th international OSH congress in Istanbul 2018; ISSA Hambourg 2019; ISSA Trier 2019; ELDER 3rd OSH Congress Turquie 2020; ISSA 2021, A+A Düsseldorf 2021, XXII OSH World Congres Canada 2021, PREVENTICA LYON 2021, PREVENTICA PÄRIS 2021,  …)
. ...)

He is a certified French expert in OSH field.