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The organizational governance is the system by which an organization makes decisions and apply in order to achieve its objectives. Governances vary according to size and type of organization and the environmental, economic, political, cultural and social background in which it operates. They are led by a person or a group of people (owners, members, officers or other) having power and having the responsibility of achieving the organization’s objectives. 

In the context of social responsibility, the organization’s governance has the distinction to be both a central question about which organizations should act, and a way to increase the capacity of the organization to implement a social behavior
responsible on other core issues.
This peculiarity is that any organization wishing to be socially responsible has a system of decision making designed to apply the principles of social responsibility.

One aspect that relates to the governance of the enterprise is the ability of all leaders, starting with the most senior, to demonstrate by their actions, and their exemplarity, commitment and involvement in the preservation of the health and safety of the company’s employees and the employees of its contractors and subcontractors, among others.

                       helps you diagnose the mode of governance and, if you need to, adapt to meet the demands of performance assessed globally and in all its components.

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