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Healthy employees make healthy companies: your OSH performance and the way you obtain it, is equal to your level of control of your activities...

Presentation designed for the XXII World Congress on Safety & Health Toronto, 2021.

In 3 questions, discover the "essentials" of my approach.


(recorded during a "manager's coffee" in Air France company with subtitles in EN)

An employee's injury at work is for the company a marker of a lack of control of its activities.


It is therefore no more a question of "managing OHS" as an issue in itself, but to "produce and work in healthy conditions".


This original approach of OSH performance that develops DVConseils meets all the challenges of this field, including the general obligation of the employer. It is conducted with managerial eyes tinged with pragmatism and good sense and has already attracted major clients. "




Several reasons to meet:

- The vision guides the strategy: does yours meet the challenges of the 21st century? Does it perpetuate your business? 

  Do you meet your stakeholders’ expectations?


- Governance and organization are necessary conditions to perform: let us check yours and improve together.


- Respecting your employees’ health is of course a human issue, but also an economic and commercial one. It impacts the image of

  your company and its attractiveness. Conversely, legal and penal risk are looming... The practices which are needed to control this

  field serve your business’s overall performance and make a healthy business: 

  check that you are on the right path and ensure your responsibility as an employer!


- The quality of your staff management is crucial: what can you say about it today, and what do your employees say? How to go further?


- Common sense guides action: are you sure it did not stay at thefrontdoor of your company?


- Experience is irreplaceable: let ‘s compare our know-how for your benefit!

  All these reasons can be reflected through the key words of our overall approach.