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Manager’s behavior and leadership necessary to the overall performance of the company: 

 Entrepreneurship  in the twenty-first century needs to implement practices in the field of governance,  to organize your business activities with an  integration of all expectations –  financial and economic of course, but also environmental and social. In this latter field, the health of employees at work is playing an increasing role due to the growing expectations of the  society and its representatives. To meet these expectations, the only response by the organization and the mode of governance, as appropriate and effective as they may be, is not enough


The place of the human being  in this organization is important and  strategic. Today, for many industries, raising capital, equipment, materials, process is not what makes the difference between final competitors. They differ mainly with the ability and the involvement of their staff,  men and women , and by the quality of their animation, from the top management to field managers.

Manager's behavior: presentation.

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