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The key words to our global approach :

At the turn of the 21st century, the world realized that economic performance does not necessarily lead to well-being and social progress. The 1990s saw the question of the company’s role come to the front of the stage under the name of "social responsibility“  (CSR). To be involved in social responsibility means that your company is thinking in its environment. The future of the company is now linked to its ability to take into account its stakeholders’ expectations in its decision-making. The company’s governance and organization are concerned. Indeed, the way you organize your business will (or not)  allow you to implement a "system" approach in order to make the best decisions ​​by integrating all aspects (financial, environmental, social) in each of it.


Adopting a  CSR approach makes sense and  challenge your health and safety management practices. In terms of organization, OHSAS 18001 and ILO OSH 2001  standards  can be used: the aim is to stop to "manage Occupational Safety & Health (OSH)" because your performance calls to manage your business in healthy  conditions for your employees. 
Even if OSH field needs real experts, OSH is primarily a matter for managers.
Practices which are needed in OSH field, including those related to risk assessment have to be completed by the skill of the company's employees to take safety initiative in order to comply with European regulatory expectations  (framework Directive 89/391 / EEC ) which demands of employers a general safety obligation to preserve their employees’ health at workFor some risks, lawmakers tell the employers (laws, decrees) the appropriate actions they have to implement through specific legal requirements. In many countries, all these legal expectations are in a Labor Code. 

These practices are anchored in a multidisciplinary approach and participate in organizational, technical and medical fields and rely on renewed forms of social debate.

They also require to develop  a  strong safety culture, shared by all participants, in order to meet a high level of performance. To do so, appropriate manager behavior and leadership are necessary.

All this contributes to the “arch of performance". This performance is monitored and measured through OSH indicators.

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