We can prepare together your success for the future.

Expertise, advices related to:

CSR, Governance,


Health & safety at work,

Manager's leadership, ...

Awareness, education, diagnosis, support:
- Understand and clarify your expectations
- Start from your success

We propose an approach that allows you:
- To make sense
- to progress if necessary on some knowledge
- To build an action plan with stakeholders
- to measure progress.
Our offer is pragmatic, ethical and rooted in common sense.

                   is in a position to mobilize, through its networks and partnerships, the best skills to meet your expectations.

Beyond what we can do with you on each of our offer's fields: CSR, Governance, OSH or Managerial Behavior,                   can help you, through its global approach, to reinforce your corporate responsibility and therefore manage all the risks that your business faces. We begin by challenging the way you perform in the OSH field, and then we use this OSH field to extend all the key pratices to all the other fields.

Our global business improvement approach, which has seduced and pleased our customers, is sequenced as following:

1- a seminar with the General Direction to appropriate the process, and to define an action plan: the involvment is taken, the meaning is given, the action is on the way,

2- a one-day training of all managers, at all levels, to discover our approach, giving priority to the meaning, and also the concrete practices that lead to success: adherence to decided changes is strong and the understanding of how to make that change develop an important expectation,

3- a seminar for all managers to draw up a commitments charter for "Managers" and "Collaborators":the company has chosen the approach and implements it, and in addition, each employee takes commitments to increase the collective dynamic with an individual dynamic,

4 - then define with the employees in each work team, for each commitment the observable facts which demonstrate, if they are visible, the respect of the engagements: committing is fine. But making sure commitments have been respected is better!

5- implementation of the measurement and monitoring of actions and compliance with commitments taken: everything that is measured improves!

On this point, we can bring you an innovative tool, the OSH qualitative Vision Zero label, which allows you to challenge managers on the fundamentals of the practices we promote, and thus abandon the "tyranny" of the Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate! With a particular robustness of the measure, since it is dual: managerial audit AND employee survey.