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Some feedback from teaching, training, conferences:


Good morning sir,

I passed EU 103.

I would like to thank you for the quality of your lessons (even in FOD with some technical problems) and your ability to share your very rich experience with your listeners.

Thank you and maybe see you soon for other courses or MOOCs.

Sincerely, Jean-Pierre Gélardin.


Hello, I have just followed the MOOC ESTIM and wanted to thank you for the clarity of your interventions and testimonials which makes the approach complete and takes into account all the dimensions of man and business. I will not hesitate to recommend it and hope that the MOOC will be accessible again so that other professionals can take advantage of it to bring out this "OHS" culture. Thanks again.

Sincerely, Isabelle Carbon


Hello Mr. VACHER,

I allow myself to write to you in order to inform you of the success of my diploma. I wanted to thank you personally for the help and support you gave me for this project, as well as your availability. The jury received my "Very satisfactory" presentation and I mentioned your name in the acknowledgments.

Thanks again,


See you soon. Charles Tilleau



Dear Dominique,

 Once again I would like to thank you very much for your participation in our event in Trier. Your reading was again a great enrichment in terms of content.

Best regards, Dr. Jens Jühling, Leiter der Präventionsabteilung, BG ETEM, Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 130 50968 Köln

Good evening Dominique

I spent 2 fulfilling years within this CNAM / SNCF project.

I felt positively challenged, sometimes jostled and I progressed in my approach to prevention thanks to the synthetic and clear vision that you provide within the CNAM 

My readings have also changed and my vision of the subject is broad enough to be credible with top managers or leaders: thank you again for everything!

Thomas WATTIER, Auditor, consultant, OHS trainer, Previarisk



Hello Dominique,

I come back to you following the exchange we had.

Thank you very much again for your intervention. It gives me hope where my company wants its management to go.

Especially for the environment in which I evolve, to work without empowering its agents, it is to say no to a certain productivity.

You made this training very interesting. I had been prepared for the opposite, that I was going to get bored. I think the trainer does a lot there.

I am interested in your book, especially if it is signed!

Thanks again,

I hope see you soon,

Sincerely, DAVID FUMEY, Team Manager 

Training of Vision Zero Trainers in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire for executives of the CNPS Occupational Health and Safety Prevention Department. Through this high-level information, the CNPS becomes the pioneer in the Vision Zero approach in Africa. It is ready to support companies for better health and safety at work by providing the appropriate tools and giving its expertise to the Caisses on the continent.

Congratulations DOMINIQUE for your brilliant performance in Ivory Coast.

Amed Bamba ISSA, CNPS Ivory Coast

Thank you Dominique for this training rich in sharing. All companies should without hesitation integrate OHS into the company's overall management system because OHS is a powerful performance lever. The figures and experiences are there to testify to this. 

Patricia Adouko  Preventive doctor at IPS - National Social Insurance Fund - Ivory Coast

Cnam Auditor: 

Thank you again for the quality of your teaching rarely found.


Hello Mr. Vacher, freshly graduated from the CNAM (work and environmental hygienist), I wanted to thank you for the quality of your lessons  (HSE 102 103 14) and the rigor you have able to inspire during these years. Five years after your courses, I still take pleasure in listening to the audios  in order to immerse myself in your elements of language and the "managerial posture" in the hope of becoming a good manager myself one day.

Marc Duvollet

Hi Dominic,

Thank you for sending the presentation. I have never seen a presentation on safety like this, and I think it was excellent.


Andrew Baines

Operations Manager Gas Benelux

RWE Generation SE

Some feedback from missions :

Dear Dominic,
Thank you very much for your presentation and your investment in the mission we have entrusted to you. You were able to bring your stone to the building of OHS in the Voyageurs world and I wanted to thank you for it. 
See you soon, Valérie SEGUY, HRD SNCF Voyages


Hello Dominique,
Thank you again for the quality of your intervention. We are very motivated to deploy it, I will keep you informed of the results!
Welcome back
Damien DEBREE, Laïta

We were seduced by Dominique Vacher's approach and decided to train all of our managers on the subject of " produire et travail en tout HSE " . The link between the company's overall   performance and HSE performance was an introduction to this training which was highly appreciated by our Managers.

The principles broken down into 17 keys are all very pragmatic. A lot of common sense   but it is good to remember and implement if we want to improve our performance. We are all convinced of that. We now have to rely on these pillars through a charter of commitment pushed by our top management. This will be relayed and implemented on all sites. We have great expectations from our managers who are ready to take up the challenge by changing their practices to help improve our performance 

Celine Turmo Roca, HSE Group Manager

SERCEL  -  16 rue de Bel Air - BP 30439, 44470 Carquefou - France

Faced with the observation that despite the significant human and financial resources deployed, we were unable to significantly reduce our frequency of accidents at work, our company decided in 2017 to strengthen its health and safety culture at work. Our management was convinced that only a perception of risk shared by everyone in the company would make it possible to see concrete changes in OHS behaviors and practices.

It is in this context that we   appealed to Dominique VACHER whose intervention took place in 2018.

The latter first allowed us to broaden our field of vision of OHS by making us aware that our OHS results were nothing other than the reflection of our ability to control our production processes and ultimately the reflection of our professionalism... We then decided to rethink the organization " classique " that we had adopted to control all our risks, in the form of management "_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_à partinte ” of QSE risks. We have renamed our QSE management system " responsible production management system " based on the principle that it is at the very level of our production processes that our risks had to be managed and not “ à Côté ”.

Dominique VACHER worked with us to develop an action plan covering both a review of the roles of the actors, a review of our management tools and in particular OHS or even change management.

Today, a large part of this action plan has been carried out. Still, this is a major cultural change that closely affects the role of management and progress is still expected.

We have decided these days to launch another project consisting in defining the managerial frame of reference for our company, one of the output products of which will be a manager training course. The intervention of Dominique VACHER made us take a new path. The story continues.

Isabelle CHANFRAULT| Director of human resources

Canal de Provence Company - Le Tholonet – CS70064 – 13182 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 5 | France

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