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Preventica Web Interview on our approach:


The key words of our global approach:

At the turn of the 21st century, the world realizes that economic performance does not necessarily lead to well-being and social progress. The 1990s had already seen the question of the role of the company come to the forefront under the term "social responsibility" (SR) or even " Social responsibility of the business " (CSR). Taking an interest in social responsibility means considering the company in its environment.

The sustainability of the company is now linked to its ability totake into account the expectations of its various stakeholders in its decision-making. The mode of governance and the company's organization are therefore questioned. Indeed, the organization selected will allow (or not) an approach" system " allowing the best arbitrations by the fact of aintegration of all areas(financial, environmental, societal) in every decision.


The adoption of a CSR logic gives meaning and questions managerial practices in occupational health and safety. In terms of organization, the OHSAS 18001 or ILO OSH 2001 standards for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) can thus be used:   the pitfall to avoid is to "manage OHS" then that performance calls formanage your business in complete health and safety for your employees.Even if this area is a matter of real expertise and therefore of a sector as such, OHS is first and foremost a matter of management.

The practices called for by the OHS field, including those relating to risk assessment complemented by the ability of the company's employees to demonstratesecurity initiative, must reflect the regulatory expectations of the company, which set in Europe (framework Directive 89/391/EEC transposed in France by the law of December 31, 1991) ageneral safety obligation of result to the employer. In France, for certain risks, the legislator has specified to the employer (laws, decrees, orders) his conduct to be followed by specific obligations. Le  tout est  codifié  dans  le Code  du Travail.

  These practices, rooted in a multidisciplinary approach,participate in both the organizational, technical and medical fields and are based on renewed forms of social debate. 

They also require the birth and growth of ahealth and safety culture shared by all players, essential for a high level of performance. To do this,postures and behaviors adapted, in particular on the part of managers, are to be developed.

Preventica podcast on our approach to OHS culture and managerial management of deviations.

The whole contributes to the“performance vault”This performance is monitored and measured through des indicators OHS.

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