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The press talks about us:

March 2017 PIC magazine through its newsletter

April 2017 PIC magazine three questions to Dominique VACHER

August 2017 Infoprotection 


September 2017   SST Mag n°2

November 2017 File PIC Magazine

December 2017 OHS Mag Article N°3

July 2018 PIC file n°111

March 2019 SST file release

April 2019 Web release

May 20119 Challenges Burn-out file

May 2019 PIC Dossier CSE Magazine

July 2019 Dossier PIC Magazine RPS

July 2019 Vison Zero website

September 2019 File PIC 118 The prevention specialist for transversal management

December 2019 Chemical risk PIC file

March 2020 PIC file Financing your OHS

NOTNovember 2020 Lamy Social Week Covid19 and OHS File

January 2021 Social Week Lamy interview on the law and the ANI

Platform of ideas of the GEPI to perform in OHS in France

March 2021 PIC RPS file

April 2021 PREVENTICA GEPI Webinar "Changing the image of OHS and making it a competitive asset"

April 2021 Infoprotection "Involving teams to better prevent risks"

May 2021 PIC 128 SST Label

September 2021 Poster version FR DVAdvice for the XXII International Congress for OSH Toronto

September 2021 Preventica Webinar "10 arguments to convince your CEO to really take care of OHS"

May 2022 PIC 134 Tracks for a win-win training

July 2022 PIC 135 risk rating

SSeptember 2022 PIC 136: The 1st PGP and the purchasing function

September 2022 InfoProtection OHS culture performance issue

November 2022 PIC 137 Chemical risk

December 2022 PIC 138 PSRs

February 2023 PIC 139 File Employees andrisk perception

February 2023 PIC 139 Article Preventers and lessons from Covid

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