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Awareness, training, diagnosis, support:

- understand and clarify your expectations 

- from your successes 


To offer you an approach that allows you to:

- to give meaning

- to progress if necessary on certain knowledge

- to build an action plan with the actors concerned 

- measure progress

Our offer is intended to be pragmatic, ethical and rooted in common sense. 


          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_       is in a position to mobilize, thanks to its best networks and partnerships your expectations.

Beyond what we offer on each constituent field of our offer: CSR, Governance, OHS or Managerial posture, DVAdvice can help you ,thanks to its global approach,to better exercise your corporate responsibility and therefore manage all the risks that your company faces,by returning to the field, a unifier by nature, of Occupational Health and Safety.



Our overall improvement approach, which has won over and proven its worth with nos clients, can be sequenced as follows:

1- a seminar for the General Managementto appropriate the approach, and retain un action plan:commitmentis obtained, theit makes sensegiven,the action is on the way,

2- une formationone only dayof all managers, all levels combined, to this approach, which favors meaning, and pragmatic and concrete practices which from experience lead to success:adherence to the changes decided is strongand understanding the "how to"develops significant expectation ,

3- a seminar for all managers to draw up a commitment charter"Managers" and "Collaborators":the company has chosen the approach and is implementing it, and in addition,each actor takes breaking commitmentsto increase the collective dynamic through an individual dynamic,

4- implementation of these commitments in each work teamthrough the identification, by the actors concerned, of  observable facts which testify, if they are present, to the respect of commitments:getting involved is good, being able to check compliance des engagements  is better!

5- implementation of measurement and monitoringactions and compliance with commitments made:everything that gets measured gets better!

On this point we can bring youan innovative tool, the OHS Vision Zero quality label,which allows managers to be challengedon the fundamentals of the practices we promote, and thus abandon the "tyranny" of the frequency rate! .

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