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The managerial posture at the service of the overall performance of the company:

In the 21st century, the exercise of entrepreneurship calls on employers to develop a mode of governance and to set up an organization of the company's activities capable of integrating consideration of the financial and economic aspects of course, but also, environmental and societal. In this last field, the field of employee health at work is becoming increasingly important, driven by the ever more pressing demands of society and its representatives. To meet this last expectation,the only response by the organization and the mode of governance, as adapted and efficient as it is, is not enough. 

The place of people within this organization and this governance is preponderant and strategic. Today, for many sectors of activity, finding capital, equipment, materials, processes is no longer what ultimately makes the difference between two competing companies. They differ essentially by the men and women who make it up and by the quality of their leadership, from the highest level to the "local" manager.

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