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Organizational governance is the system by which an organization makes and implements decisions to achieve its goals.Governance systems vary depending on the size and type of organization as well as the environmental context, economic, political, cultural and societal in which it operates. They are managed by a person or a group of people (owners, members, corporate officers or others) holding the power and having the responsibility to achieve the objectives of the organization.

In the context of social responsibility, organizational governance has the particularity of being both a central issue on which organizations should act, anda way to increase the capacity of the organizationto implement socially responsible behavior on other key issues.

This particularity is due to the fact that any organization wishing to be socially responsible has a decision-making system designed to apply the principles of social responsibility.


One of the aspects that relates to the governance of the company is the capacity of all the leaders, starting with the highest placed, to demonstrate by their actions and their exemplarity, their commitment and their involvement in the preservation of the health and safety of the company's employees and the employees of its service providers and subcontractors, among others.


                  helps you to diagnose the mode of operation of your governance and if necessary to adapt it to meet the requirements of a performance assessed globally and in all its components.

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